Introduction to Java Programming

2016 MSc Course, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

See the Course Information page for details.

Contact: ijp@ed.ac.uk.

News (by Paul Anderson)

The first assignment is due on Friday this week. The submission system will close automatically at the deadline, and School policy does not allow me to award any marks to late submissions. You are strongly advised to try submitting well in advance of this, even if your solution is not complete - you can submit a newer version at any time. Problems submitting will not be valid reasons for late submission.

In the lab session next week, you will be asked to demonstrate you assignment solution. This should give you some useful feedback, and an opportunity to show your code running in practice. I expect to hold the demonstrations in groups of about four students. Please engage with the group by watching and commenting on the other demonstrations.

We have a very large number of students this year, and the demonstrations have been difficult to organise. So please help by arriving on time and be prepared to demonstrate the code which you submitted for about 10 minutes. I expect each group to take about 40-50 minutes, and you may have to wait if your group is scheduled for the second half of the session - you may work on other coursework during this time.

If anyone is able to move to a less popular group (see here), this will make the demonstrations alot easier, so please let me know.

The Forum is a deliberate & important part of this course:

  • it allows us to answer questions and make the answers fairly available to everyone.
  • it allows you to ask questions, and answer other people's questions at any time.
  • it is intended to give you an idea of the kind of discussions that take place among programmers when they are working on "real" projects.
  • it gives you practice in phrasing your questions clearly so that other people can understand them (don't underestimate this! think about it when you are posting.)

So, please keep an eye on the Forum, and look at the questions and answers posted by other people - these may contain clarification or other important comments on the assignment, as well as more general programming advice. Answer if you can.

A few people seem to have chosen not to take advantage of this. If you are still having difficulty signing up, let me know and I will try to help.

I have had very little feedback on the course so far this year. I would really like to hear your comments - you can email me directly, talk to me after the demonstration sessions, or complete a paper feedback form which you can return anonymously.

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